Discover How You Can Build Massive Social Proof For Your Product And Grow Your Email List Directly on Your Sales Page.
Social Connect engages your visitors leading them to buy your product even if you are rarely online and don't use social media.
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If you want to build a solid and a long-term relationship with your visitors, there isn't anything else better than social connect in the market right now.
Austin Anthony
I’ve been using Facebook comments. Now I have Social Connect I won’t be using them again. It’s so easy to capture leads and engage with customers in so many different ways with this software. Great idea guys!
Sam Robinson
Set up your chat community in 3 EASY STEPS!
Step 1:

Choose a template and customize it.

Step 2:

Set up the login settings. You can have the user create a login in Social Connect or even enable the option where they can sign up using Facebook & Twitter

Step 3:

Publish the chat community and participate in the comments

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You are an entrepreneur and you have two key desires that get you out of bed in the morning:

You want to engage and convert the potential customers visiting your website

This would be simple, personal and effective if you ran a traditional store on the high street where people walk in and out all the time:

You could easily chat to all your visitors who walk through the door…

Answer their questions...

Reassure them about your product...

Give them a warm and personal smile...

And finally make a sale.

Other customers in your shop would see this interaction, hear your warm and reassuring voice…and finally end up buying your product as well.

But your business runs online

...and you sell your product on a sales page. So engaging customers directly, being warm and personal becomes really difficult:

You can't talk to hesitating visitors and guide them to your product.

You can't engage potential customers once they leave your page.

And even if you are lucky enough and a visitor emails you with a question... and you convince that single person to buy your product...

Your next visitor will know nothing of that interaction and unless you are lucky again, you won't make a sale.

This could just as well be a situation on your page today:

John is looking at your page and your product...

He scrolls to your "Buy Now" button wanting to purchase, but feels uneasy about something…

He has a couple of unanswered questions and just wants you to reassure him about a small detail on your product…

But you don't have a live chat he could ask...

He can't be bothered to look for your contact details…

He knows that he could go to your competitor anyway and buy their product…

And for these reasons John just closed your page…and you lost a customer.

But it's not really your fault either…

You can't be online 24/7, waiting for John who may or may not come…

You already use social media to reassure people like John… such as a dedicated Facebook page, full of customer testimonials.

So after all your effort, of course you expect that any customer on your sales page would just buy your product. If it doesn't happen, you might feel like there is nothing you can do about it.

So you sort of accept that you might just lose John and not make a sale.

But what if John could leave his questions in a comment, next your Buy Now button. And next time you are online, you could answer his question and convince him of the purchase.

Do you remember from the beginning of our story…that if you had a shop on the high street, people could hear your chat with John.

Well, using a dedicated comment box next to your Buy Now button, would now make your conversation with John visible to every single visitor.

Other visitors could read and participate in your conversation. You would have your own social community, full of people interested in buying your product.

All of this right next to your "Buy Now" button.

Instant Sale. Full Stop.

Plus, what if you would also automatically get the email address of anyone who comments?

That would give you a hugely profitable email list in no time!

My name is Sam Bakker and I have encountered many customers like John throughout my business career. After years of 'in field' experience and selling over a million dollars' worth of product in my own business online, I have learnt what "makes or breaks" a sale on the bottom of a sales page:

Before visitors make a purchase they run through a "virtual checklist" in their head. They have questions like:
  • "Do I really need this?"
  • "Is the 30 days warranty for real?"
  • "Isn't this product too expensive?"
  • "Will I really see results in 3 days?"
  • "Maybe it's a scam."
  • "Maybe I should buy the other one. It's a bit cheaper"
Visitors only buy if you can tick every "box" on the checklist.
You will instantly eliminate half of the "boxes" on the list if you can show to your visitor that your customers in the past had the same problems before buying from you but you solved them.
With most customers you will have to connect 8 to 12 times, before all their worries are set aside, they dump their "virtual list" of objections and buy what you sell.

Back to John and the shop from the beginning…in the good old days, customers could sort all of their concerns via a face to face conversation with a sales guy at the desk. On a website you can't do this and you lose customers because they had a few questions you didn't answer or because they just needed that little bit of extra push.

Want to change that?
Want to make sure that John comes
back and clicks "Buy Now".
Let me help you with that right now:
Social Connect helps you to solve customer objections even if...
You are not online, when they visit your page...
You don't have a dedicated Facebook page...
You cannot check your site everyday
Social Connect allows you to create a social community on your sales page and engage your visitors more often through...

A live chat comment box, which you can place anywhere on your page.

Automatically collecting visitor email addresses and adding them to your favourite autoresponder.

Encouraging interaction between past customers and new visitors on your site.

Here's what you'll get when you
sign up to Social Connect:
Responsive Chat Community

With Social Connect you can add a live and public comment box to you page. You will never miss a customer again and as soon as you have answered their question…they are right next to your "Buy Now" button.

Powerful Analytics Dashboard with Chat History

Over time you can easily analyse past conversations on your site and discover what your customers' truly need.

Intuitive Dashboard to moderate your community

Thanks to the advanced features of Social Connect you can simply delete unwanted comments. Using IP address recognition, Social Connect can also block users of your choice.

10 sales oriented "ready to go" chatbox templates

We have used cutting edge design to create 10 modern and attractive templates so you can choose one that matches your site perfectly.

User friendly and easy to use

Your visitors can comment using their Facebook/Twitter accounts or their email. They can also connect with you anonymously as a guest.

Social Connect builds your email list

One of the major benefits of this software is that it automatically collects visitor emails when they leave a comment. The software then automatically loads the addresses into your favourite auto responder.

The direct and immediate benefits to you:

Social Connect is fully adaptable to your website and looks crisp and beautiful on tablets and smartphones.

Thanks to the simple click and edit features you can customise your chat box so it fully aligns with the layout of your website.

Social Connect supports all the languages, so you can chat with customer from all over the world no matter what language they speak.

A powerful analytics dashboard that will give you deep insight into your customer data. (location, IP address, online/offline status).

As soon as Social Connect is running on your site, it will automatically record and upload visitor email addresses to all popular autoresponders including: Aweber, Active Campaign, GetResponse, MailChimp, SendReach, Sendlane, Infusion Soft, Icontact, Campaign Monitor

Sam & Karthik always put out innovating software, they make sure we marketers have that edge! With Social Connect I have a new way of engaging with new subscribers and put them through my funnels instantly!
We've been looking for something like this for a while. Typically this would cost $27pm or am glad this came along. Snap it as fast as you can!
Neil Napier

Listen, I want to make sure that Social Connect will actually help you connect with your customers. I am only encouraging you to sign up if you are here today because...

...You want to go the extra mile for you customers.

...You want to help them buy your product.

...You want to eliminate all of their objections and answer all their questions.

...You want to create a powerful customer community that will make new visitors trust you instantly.

Ok so if it's a "yes" to everything so far...

Check Out Just Some Of The Amazing Features
We Have Packed Into Social Connect For You

Now, the comments posted on YOUR community can also be shared on Facebook & Twitter. Which means you can attract that traffic back to your site. Aint that cool.

The members who register or sign-up can automatically be added to your AUtoresponder list. Not just that, you can autoregister them to your GoToWebinar account for your next webinar!

Take complete control of the discussions happening in the community. you can also block the comments, blacklist the user and also the IP

Cloud based app dashboard to create chat communities that run on any website, can be embedded into WordPress

We have a built in spam control technology. You are totally safe from spam

Send mails from your own mail id and increase personal interaction with your list with out built in SMTP integration.

We have added 25 themes for you to begin with. And you can completely customize them.

You can make sure that only people from a specific geography as a part of the community!

Add a chat feature to your existing membership site. Your members need to sign again into this chat box, it is already loaded for them to start the interaction instantly.

If You do not have a website, it does not matter. We host it for you.

Your user can easily use their existing FB/ Twitter credentials to join your community.

For Aweber, Getresponse, SendReach , iContact and a lot more. Supports all major autoresponder including but not limited to Aweber, Getresponse, SendReach , iContact and the likes

This special launch pricing closes midnight


$ 17

Buy Now

Single site

  • Responsive Chat community
  • Powerful Dashboard with chat history
  • Social Share gateway enabled
  • Auto responder/GTW integration
  • Moderate community
  • Blacklist by user/IP
  • Spam filter for guest access
  • SMTP Integration
  • Multi Lingual
  • Done for you Templates (5)
  • Geo Based Chat entries
  • Single Sign on
  • 5 chat communities
  • Self Hosted Chat (Direct link)
  • USER
  • FB, Twitter login integrations
  • Individual user profile
  • Like/Dislike comments
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$ 26.95

Buy Now

Unlimited sites

  • Responsive Chat community
  • Powerful Dashboard with chat history
  • Social Share gateway enabled
  • Auto responder/GTW integration
  • Moderate community
  • Blacklist by user/IP
  • Spam filter for guest access
  • SMTP Integration
  • Multi Lingual
  • Done for you Templates (25)
  • Geo Based Chat entries
  • Single Sign on
  • 30 chat communities
  • Self Hosted Chat (Direct link)
  • USER
  • FB, Twitter login integrations
  • Individual user profile
  • Like/Dislike comments
Buy Now


$ 24

Buy Now

Upto 5 sites

  • Responsive Chat community
  • Powerful Dashboard with chat history
  • Social Share gateway enabled
  • Auto responder/GTW integration
  • Moderate community
  • Blacklist by user/IP
  • Spam filter for guest access
  • SMTP Integration
  • Multi Lingual
  • Done for you Templates (10)
  • Geo Based Chat entries
  • Single Sign on
  • 10 chat communities
  • Self Hosted Chat (Direct link)
  • USER
  • FB, Twitter login integrations
  • Individual user profile
  • Like/Dislike comments
Buy Now
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Q. What is Social Connect?

    Social Connect is a tool that lets you design and host chat communities.

  • Q. Why will I need it?

    To engage with prospects, retain customers and build a list in the process.

  • Q. But I already use Facebook for it. Why will I need Social Connect?

    Because, you need to build YOUR list. When you have a community of Facebook, you do not know the contact details of your target audience. It is all linked with FB only. But NOW, you can interact with the community in your turf where you also have a list of who you are interacting with. This is now YOUR LIST.

  • Q. I don' t have a website. How will it help?

    Of course it will. The chat communities designed with Social Connect is self hosted. If you have a website, you can embed a script that we provide. If you dont have one, you can use the Social Connect hosted link.

  • Q. Is this a downloadable software?

    No. This is an online tool. When you purchase it you will be mailed a set of login credentials to start hosting your own chat community. All you need is a basic internet service. :)

  • Q. Is it mobile compatible?

    Yes, the chat communities designed with Social Connect loads seamlessly across all devices irrespective of the screen size.

Social Connect - Lead Generating Chat System (Unlimited)
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